Migrant worker proves improving oneself while working abroad is a must

January 21, 2021 0 comments IOCP Categories Alumni Success Stories

Every successful man’s story starts from their creative imagination of who they want to become. This is the case of UAE-based Filipino Ma. Luchille when she went back to the drawing board and kept improving herself while working and living abroad to chase after her dreams.

Currently, she is working in the procurement department as a procurement associate in a luxury car dealership company, using her innate talent in negotiation, relationship and time management, and strategic thinking skills to overcome all the challenges.

While working full-time, she and her partner are already taking baby steps in stabilizing their business that offers perfect blends of personalized scents through LBE Fragrances.

Get to know her more on how she follows her dreams and how she didn’t lose the last straw:

Tell us more about yourself. 

I am working abroad for three years now since I came last 2017. UAE was my first destination and my first work here was a purchasing officer in an engineering company which led me to identify the profession I really want to pursue. I think being able to handle the procurement department after my senior and manager left pushed me to excel and show-off my capabilities. 

I have hands-on experience in marketing, operations, finance and training, and development in globally competitive companies that made me realize the importance of each steppingstone in my career and life journey. 

I recently graduated last March this year in the Philippine Business Council GenBiz entrepreneurship program, for our perfume business and I continuously seek ways on improving my skills in this industry. I was also one of the graduates of Filipino Institute Batch 11 of the procurement class last July 2019 and glad I made it with honors as well. 

What’s the reason why you opted to work abroad? 

Being the eldest among the three siblings, I found myself privileged of the responsibility to support my family, I decide to work abroad hoping that I will be able to easily achieve my dreams and long-term plans. As I wanted to have more investments for my future, I saw that time that my salary in the Philippines will never be enough, and working overseas will give me more opportunities. 

What do you enjoy about what you’re doing? 

I remember when I was still studying, I saw a university employee carefully checking the deliveries of office equipment. I visualized how interesting it is to deal with suppliers and imagined having the same job. I become what I think about: a procurement officer. I enjoy this job, communicating and meeting people, and learning about new products and its uses and benefits. 

Of all the cities in the world, why did you choose Dubai? 

Dubai became my second home and it opened a lot of opportunities for my personal and professional growth. Here is where I built more self-confidence. I learned to speak up what my heart desires and fight for what is right. 

What were the struggles you have endured before venturing your OFW journey? 

I can say that my experience of working for 10 up to 16 hours was one of the struggles I won’t forget. Wishing that all works will be done, I endure it for one year, having three to five hours of sleep like a rooster. Every day, I felt like quitting that job but I chose to stay because I have to support my family’s finances and my sibling’s allowance and tuition. 

OFW journey is not forever, what is your plan after this? 

Once my life being an expat is over, I’ll focus on managing our business. I have faith that it will also be the best time for me to fulfill my real purpose. Since childhood, I already envision myself speaking in front of the crown, and in God’s perfect time, I will serve others by sharing experiences and knowledge I gained which could help them to keep the determination on accomplishing their goals. This will be my way of giving back to the persons who became instruments on what I have achieved and could ever achieve. 

To my fellow kabayans, just continue being a HERO:

H – Have someone to mentor and guide you

E – Expand your horizons and learn new things

R – Reflect on your goals and dreams (write it or draw a vision board)

O – Overcome rejections and failures with faith