‘Medical Coding is easy if you push yourself to learn it’

January 21, 2021 0 comments IOCP Categories Alumni Success Stories

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW), who studies Medical Coding in the Filipino Institute, has successfully passed the certified professional coding test on the first attempt.

Zakira M. Sumndad took the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam recently in an effort to challenge herself.

“I am really grateful for becoming an enrollee of the Filipino Institute and taking the medical coding program. I give thanks every day for how they changed my way of pursuing this career,” she said.

Sumndad said that during the orientation at the training institute, she realized that the profession is for everyone and for those who have the determination and drive to dig deeper.

“At first, I couldn’t understand it, but then I have realized that coding is easy if you push yourself to learn it. It’s understanding and the appliance of the coding guidelines and the use of modifiers, that can be a headache in the beginning,” she added.

She advised those currently taking the course and those who wish to embark on a medical coding journey to remove all the doubts ‘and the most important is not to give up.’

“Just go to the Filipino Institute with your issues as I did and they will help you with their professional coding journey and before you know it, the light will go on,” she said.

“Filipino Institute instructors Ms. Ellie, Ms. Jernie and Sir Yuri and all the teachers, I am very grateful that you have been great instructors during all our class sessions,” she added.