‘I though it won’t be easy, but it went very smooth’

January 21, 2021 0 comments IOCP Categories Alumni Success Stories

For five years, the Filipino Institute has not only been supporting the Filipino community in the Middle East but also extending its services to non-Filipinos.

Rwandan Alice Bizimana, a 37-year-old customer service executive for an events company in Dubai, has recently graduated from the training centre with flying colors.

During the physical graduation last December 4, Bizimana was honored with the second rank for the classes Massage Therapy Basic and Advance under the trainership of Mr. Marlo C. Aljentera.

“My experience with the Filipino Institute is very wonderful, and the best, you can’t imagine how happy I am right now. Supportive and friendly lecturers and staff. At first, I thought it will not be easy for me when I heard that it’s a Filipino school, but everything went smooth,” she said when asked after graduation.

She may be finished studying both basic and advanced massage, Bizimana is is not planning to stop and develop her skills further. Currently, she is taking a Business Management course and is planning to take up more courses.

“The Filipino Institute is the only institute which made sure you get the best knowledge and best experience with an affordable price [and don’t need to pay the full amount at once] but mostly, the time is flexible to everyone,” she added.

The Rwandan further added that the educational institution thinks first about its students before profit.

“Filipino Institute supports everyone regardless of who he or she is,” she said.

“I am very honored to be part of the Filipino Institute graduates. I am so grateful and thankful. My family was also very happy and proud of me,” she added.

For his part, Aljentera said that Bizimana is the only non-Filipino in the class but it didn’t stop her from learning and sharing her ideas about the matter.

“She is so adorable since ang galing niyang makisalamuha at makisama sa mga kaklase nya. Masayahin at ini-aambag niya ang kanyang kaalaman sa kanyang mga classmates,” he added.