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‘Poverty is not a hindrance to success’

Having a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree offers a wealth of advantages. And for Ramil Solis, a Dubai-based overseas Filipino worker (OFW), despite working in the accounting and finance industry for more than two decades now, he believes that there is still a need for him to secure a degree as the competitive business world continues to evolve.

Solis has recently graduated from the Filipino Institute Dubai campus and was awarded ‘best presenter’ during their business proposal defense. His group, on the other hand, has ranked first in the defense.

During the in-person graduation ceremonies of the Filipino Institute on December 4, in his speech, he revealed that his father is a carpenter and his mother is a laundrywoman for almost 20 years and an elementary graduate. “But her determination to let all her children finish school is what she dreams of,” Solis said adding that his mother has already earned her crown of glory as all of their family members are now financially stable.

He also revealed that he was a scholar from high school until college. “Poverty is not a hindrance to success,” he said.

Currently, Solis is a chief financial officer in Dubai, and every word he shares with his boss is crucial in business decision making.

“You may ask why I still did my MBA. In every level of life, there is always competition. From employee level until management level it always excess. This is the reason why I decided to come back to school to learn more,” he added.

He chose the Filipino Institute among other training facilities in the UAE because he felt comfortable and felt he will learn from the institution.

“We had created a circle of friends with my fellow MBA graduates and to our friendly dean. Kudos to our mentors. We had faced struggles before Covid-19 and after Covid-19. We almost lost our hope, yet with the effort of the management team, we are here celebrating our success,” Solis further added.

He dedicated the ‘momentous event’ to his wife and children for their unparalleled support and love to achieve his dreams.

“As everyone’s goal, having a dream house, a dream car, a happy family, and professional achievement, fellow graduates, this is what I have now. But what I can share with you at this moment of time, always believe in almighty God, surrender yourself to him and he will grant you more blessings. Bles us all fellow graduates,” Solis concluded.